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How it all began…

Hello! Welcome to my little store for all types of silk floral designs.

Below is a little bit of history about Silk Floral Designs and how I got started with crafting in general and what led me here.
I have been crafting for a very, very long time, most of my life, in fact. I can’t remember when I wasn’t involved in one project or another. I must have had a very creative Kindergarten teacher!

From the time I was a little girl I remember playing with paints, crayons and coloring books. I would cut pictures out of magazines and catalogs and paste them into my own scrapbook using paste made from flour and water. I would trace paper doll clothes, cut out new ones, then color or paint them so they were different from the originals.

I learned how to knit from my Aunt Jane at around age 8. Mom taught me how to crochet, sew & embroider. I carried all those skills with me into adulthood, ever expanding on new ideas and techniques. I learned many other skills by reading, watching and doing, mastering many of them….others, not so much!

Ken and I married in Sept of 1970. I made many of things for our three children as they came along. When they were old enough we created things together. It was a great family time well spent.

At friends suggestions, I started selling my things at local craft fairs. I spent every penny earned on buying more supplies to make more items. Every Autumn for about 20 years I spent weekends participating at local craft shows.

In the Fall of ’96 I attended a small business workshop to learn the ins and outs of doing business in the real world. I had been interested in starting my own business for many years. I applied for my business license in Feb. ’97 and started doing business as KNITS & BITS by LINDA. I am excited to finally have reached that business goal.

I ventured onto the Internet in 1998 with my first website designed by our oldest son Dean who had become a Computer Engineer at that point. Knits & Bits by is where I sell my knitted and crocheted items. It has kept me busy for years now. Taking my business to the Web made the process even more exciting! I also have a website for displaying information about the silk wedding florals that I do for local brides.

I really enjoy making things with fabric florals. And here I am today selling my silk floral creations online with this beautiful website designed by our favorite son-in-law Christian Ficara of  Ashore PC.


Linda Work Picture
Here I am in my workshop
(taken about 12 years ago!)