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Easter Mini Pansy Box 2

Easter Mini Pansy Box 2

Mini Pansy Box 2 for EasterMini Pansy Box 2 for Easter and Spring

This mini pansy box measuring 2 ½” wide by 2 ¾” tall has a yellow background. On it is a white square with a lavender pansy centered in it. It is placed over a pastel stripe ribbon. Yellow pansies and two-tone purple pansies are the only flowers used to make this arrangement in the mini box. Two bold yellow sheer ribbon bows are opposite each other on the side edges of the box. A two-tone yellow butterfly adds a special touch to the design. The total size of this arrangement is 8″ wide by 9″ tall including the lavender Happy Easter Greeting stick. Removing the greeting stick allows this arrangement to be used year round in any small space that needs a touch of bright color. This design will look beautiful on a small table or desk. Consider the college student needing a perk-me-up to get through finals. This could be the welcomed gift they needed. Only $9.95 for this design that will last for years with proper care, unlike fresh flowers that only last a couple of weeks.

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Price: $9.95