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Straw Wreath – Pink

Straw Wreath – Pink

pink straw wreath with hyacinths and tweedia silk flowers

Pink Straw Wreath with Pink Hyacinths & Tweedia

A 10 inch pink straw wreath base has been decorated across the top with pink hyacinth silk flowers. The accent flowers are yellow tweedia that have pink edges. The centered bow with streamers is made from pink sheer ribbon. The wreath wraps are made from the same ribbon. It measures 17″ across at the widest part and 13″ from top to bottom. There is a ribbon loop secured to the back for hanging. This pink straw wreath sells for only $17.95. It will look beautiful for years to come when packed away carefully at the end of the season. Use this design all through Summer too! It can be hung from a door or on a wall at home or at the office.

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Price: $17.95