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Mini Wreaths

Mini Wreaths

We have different sizes of mini wreaths to fit your decorating needs:

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4″ Mini
backside wreath

A 4 inch woven wicker wreath was used for the base of these mini wreaths. Fragrant eucalyptus leaves were individually glued on to the wicker base. The over all width varies from 4 1/2″ to 5″. All have a ribbon loop for hanging that matches the flower color used on each.




6 inch wreath
 6 inch mini wreath
backside wreath
candle ring

A 6 inch woven wicker wreath was used as the base for this grouping of floral wreaths. Various types of green leaves were used for the base of the flowers. Each has its own unique look. A narrow ribbon loop was used to make the hanger and matches the color of the flowers. This style wreath can also be used as a candle ring. It is pictured here with a 3 inch X 6 inch pillar candle. Please be careful when using with a candle that the flame does not get too near to the flowers. Candle NOT included, it is for display options only.